At Handed By USA, we are both proud and privileged to be the exclusive US distribution partner of Handed By in North America. This prestigious brand has a strong commitment to the core values of social responsibility and environmental impact. All products are handmade of materials that leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment.

The Handed By bags are made of 70% recycled plastic and are ethically produced. We don’t mass produce products in factories, instead, we collaborate with dedicated craftspeople to hand weave small-scale production runs and in doing so, we form long-term personal partnerships.

Our team is fortunate to partner alongside this strong European brand that leads the market in high-quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design. You will find that our handwoven product line offers both uniquely different and classic options to fit your lifestyle and warm your home.

When you trust us with your purchase dollars, we commit to you that countless hours and human resources have gone into making your product purchase the best that we can create. We hope that you enjoy using our products and that we have created a moment for you that adds a smile to your face and warms your heart!

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